Accordo Partners works with renewables and resource developers across North America, Europe, Africa and Asia Pacific to attain ‘investor ready’ status. Then we bring in interested investor funds to take the development to completion. Our finance partners are, in the main, based in London, Hamburg, Paris and Copenhagen.

In parallel, for global jurisdictions, Accordo Partners undertakes investment attraction campaigns and FDI representation programs capitalizing on the Partners' long European and North American FDI experience. Over the years, we have identified $ billions of investment potential for our investment attraction Clients.

For SMEs, planning to enter new markets, Accordo’s individually tailored, fixed duration, fixed fee programs fast track qualified sales potential, identifies partners, shortens time to market, mitigates market entry risks and provides cost certainty.

The Accordo Partners’ manufacturing, technology and international business experience is key to delivering Client objectives to sophisticated markets:

  • Renewables and Project Financing
  • FDI Representation and Investment Attraction
  • Innovation Partnering
  • Market Entry Programs

Accordo Partners are Members of the Canada-United Kingdom Chamber of Commerce and the British Chamber of Commerce in Germany

Solutions Experience

Between them, the Founding Partners have worked over two decades for government and regional development agencies mainly in North America and Europe attracting foreign direct investment and helping companies exploit new markets. More recently, the Partners have been and are working in the Renewable Energy Sector including securing finance. They have international business and management experience in Renewable Energy, Technology, Manufacturing, ICT, New Media and Life Sciences, Natural Resources, O&G and the Extractive Industries. Strategic Consultancy services for manufacturing and process multi-nationals in Europe and North America have made an important contribution to their experience shaping today's competencies.

We understand the business development processes and are experienced in securing finance, setting up commercial, technology and innovation partnerships and enterprises.

Has a background in the oil industry, in strategic business development and corporate planning, farm-in and farm-out/corporate acquisition projects in oil exploration, diversification projects in advanced manufacturing, digital media and biotech. Rainer is based in our Hamburg Office.


Current focus:

  • Project finance
  • Renewable technologies development
  • Life sciences
  • Digital media
  • Logistics and infrastructure

Has a background in Aerospace, Extractive Industries and Manufacturing with wide ranging industrial and technology experience delivering proprietary business development programs for European and US multi-nationals. Rolf is based in our Thames Valley Office in the UK.


Current focus:

  • Offshore wind energy supply chain development
  • Renewables structuring and financing
  • Renewables related minerals development and financing
  • BioEnergy & BioRefineries
  • Advanced manufacturing